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Carly + Stephen

I still remember the first time when I met Carly and Stephen in the coffee shop. They decided to hire me as their wedding photographer as they really like my shooting style. “Natural is the key” was how they described of the wedding photos they want to have.

I was a bit worry about the weather on their wedding day as the weather forecast of the day was mostly cloudy with light rain and we needed to do some outdoor group photos and portraits after the wedding ceremony. Fortunately, it only started raining in the late afternoon and that did not affect our shooting. The pictures turn out great!

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Anne + Andy

What love can do? Love can change a person. Love can make a person strong. Love can motivate a person to do something he has never done before. Attending the wedding of Anne and Andy, I could see what the power of love can do. This love is not only lovers love, but also include the love from their religious belief.

Three wonderful songs were written by Andy and were presented in their wedding ceremony. I can still remember one of the songs that tells the story of how God came to their life, gave them love, hope and strength, and accompanied them to overcome so many difficulties in their life. And now they are willing to be grown more in God’s love and to be led by God’s way together. A song fills with God’s love and grace! A wedding filled with love!

Locations: Harbour Plaza North Point, Methodist International Church Hong Kong, Regal Palace

These are my favourite pictures from the day. Click on the “Read more” for more images.


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Jeannie + Cyrus

It is seldom to have a couple to ask me to be their wedding photographer without meeting me and seeing more of my works. Jeannie is the kind of client who totally trusts on me based on the photos that showed on this website. I still remember the first email Jeannie sent to me telling me that she like the photos I took. Here is the quote from her email “I like most of the shots you took for the couples, esp. those capturing various people’s expressions, it’s all about the moments and the people, and also a witty touch of composition and nice use of the lights”. Jeannie, I really appreciate your encouraging words and this remind me that this is the kind of photo I really like to take.

The wedding of Jeannie and Cyrus was pretty simple. No receiving the bride session, no bonkers door games and no formal tea ceremony, instead they had a really good and relaxing time with all their relatives and friends. The ceremony and reception was held at Le 188 in Harbour Grand Hong Kong Hotel. Hope you can enjoy and feel the joyful moments through the pictures.

These are my favourite photos from the day. Click on the “Read more” for more images.


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Jeannie - Thank you very much Wilson! For catching the moments and faces on the memorable big day =D Happy New Year~ I enjoy them so very much xxx

Wilson - Jeannie, Thanks for your trust! I enjoyed taking photos on your big day very much! Happy New Year 😀

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